Product Training

Product Training

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May 2024 is a month for our company (Schmetterling Rental Group Companies) doing a product training session. We have put it on our yearly tentative. The duration for our product training is one month & the purpose of doing it to make sure our staff is fully understand regarding the industry that we make. & make them fully understand with the machine (MEWP) so it is easy for them to assist our customer. We really committed with what we want to serve to our customers.

For this product training, we allowed for all our sales, operation & mechanic department to attend it everyday and the product training session has been conducted by our engineer, Fletcher. Everyday after end the product training session we have few question that need to be answer for all staff that join it. The questions been prepared because we want to  look on how far they understand about each topic everyday. And who can answer in a short time with the correct answer will get a "MI MEE CUP" as a prize for the day.

At the end of the month, our Top management department will give them a special prize to those who get correct answer frequently. This product training really give a big impact to our staff since they get a new knowledge & get to know more about each machine that we provide at our company. & And it easy for them to answer when they get questions from customers. I hope that this product training session can make our staff happy working with our company & enjoying doing their job. 

27 May 2024